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Formerly the family home of the neighborhood’s Berber grocers, Dar Tiflet’s Alpine-sounding name (we’re from Grenoble and we love the simplicity and conviviality of tartiflette) invites you to enjoy a warm, authentic experience, and embark on your new life here.

Dar Tiflet is in the heart of the Medina, 100m from Place Ben Saleh, accessible by cab, in a family neighborhood that has remained authentic and commercial.

What makes Dar Tiflet so special is that it has preserved as much as possible of the original decoration and spirit of this century-old house, one of the most authentic in Marrakech’s medina.

The riad is in 2 parts, with 2 patios, one classified as a 5-bedroom guest house by the Délégation régionale du tourisme, and a private annex with 3 rooms, managed on Airbnb.

Here's the Dar Tiflet Team


The Manager loves Berber traditions and a job well done. He bends over backwards to help his guests, loves to please and is eager to exchange ideas with other cultures. He loves the countryside, untouched by mass tourism, and its unchanging souks.


He is also Berber, and is always attentive, discreet and available. He loves to welcome families with children, and in all circumstances he always has his massive, open smile.


Has worked for a long time in tourism and traveled on several continents. He is the first owner of Dar Tiflet, found at the end of 2007. He loves building, exploring lost villages and advising world travelers. He loves animals, art history and the dunes of Merzouga and Essaouira.


Managing the ensemble, he likes to speak, a lot, in several languages including Moroccan Arabic. He likes to share his discoveries of Moroccan music with travelers. He loves the Atlas mountains, the Fint oasis, and collecting swimming pools in the summer.

Dar means House in Arabic, Tiflet means Door in Tamazight (Berber).